Experience the ultimate safari and vacation in one of our 4×4 rental camper vehicles. Rent a fully equipped Toyota Hilux 4×4 and take a Self Drive Safari into some of the world’s most impressive game reserves and wilderness areas in Southern Africa.


Two People

Single rooftop tent and camping vehicle prepared for a comfortable journey for ideally 2 people.

Luxury 4x4 Safari

You may prefer your own accommodation plans, but want to have a perfect vehicle for game viewing and reliable off road performance.

Solving your Accommodation Problems

We offer camping equipment for each vehicle for up to 5 people to sleep and eat under the African stars.

Discover Africa

Discover Wildlife, Destinations and website resources to plan your Adventure in Africa.

Your Travel Destinations

While organised coach tours work for some, others prefer the freedom of self-drive safaris, preferring to explore the country in their own time, focus on their own particular interests and stay at their preferred type of accommodation.

You can now experience the ultimate Self Drive Safari and vacation in one of our 4×4 rental camper vehicles. Your Toyota Hilux 4×4, well known for its reliability and 4×4 capability, is fully equipped for camping enabling you to visit off the beaten track places and visit some of the world’s most impressive game reserves and wilderness areas in Southern Africa. 

Click on the images below to view selected videos, websites and photos of the different destinations

The African Safari Experience

To learn more about Summit 4×4 Safaris, our clients have the final say. People from every country share their experiences and they tell you what we never could!

Client Photos

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