All vehicles need to have at least three types of cover to be safe on the road and to reduce risks against claims for theft, damage and liability. It is recommended to purchase these insurance options unless you are covered by more comprehensive insurance through other travel arrangements. Any cover your rental vehicle has will only be effective if you stick to the rules of the Rental Agreement, which you’ll sign before you collect the vehicle.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

This waiver protects you if the bodywork of the vehicle gets damaged. Wheels, windows and interior damage are not covered. Important exclusions must be observed, for example, if the bodywork gets damaged while you were illegally parked, speeding or driving intoxicated, your CDW won’t protect you, and you will be liable for the entire repair costs.

Theft Protection

This cover implies you won’t have to pay for a new replacement if the rental vehicle gets stolen or any damages if someone tries to steal it. Exclusions to observe are, for example, if someone manage to steal the vehicle when you have left the keys in the ignition or the vehicle is stolen from a country you were not authorised to drive, Theft Protection won’t cover you and you will be liable for a replacement claim.

Third-Party Liability

This cover protects you from claims against you if you hurt anyone or damage public or private property with your hired vehicle, but damage to the vehicle is not covered. Exclusions to the cover you may receive could be subject to driving conditions like unauthorised territories when you will be held liable for claims against you.

Credit Card Cover

Some credit cards provide rental insurance. You must produce a letter from your credit card company that describes the rental cover you have and the conditions that it validates. If you can use your card’s cover, your rental charges will be reduced significantly.

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